Dakshin: The Team
Dakshin has developed a well-defined corporate structure headed by distinguished men and women known for their impeccable credentials and achievements in their respective sphere of activity. Dakshin's Directors are people with a vision of creating a better lifestyle for the discerning citizen. They include Mr. Chethan Jhabakh, Mrs. Komal Varma, Mrs. Hemalatha Jhabakh who believe in making a difference to the lives they touch and the homes they build. Mr. Hemant Varma , Project Consultant advices & guides the company in all the project related activities..

With their firm faith in value-based busines, they have been steering the organization towards achieving superior business results. Dakshin's team comprises of the best architects, structural and civil engineers with adequate exposure to a variety of projects and years of experience behind them.

But a corporate vision-however lofty-cannot be achieved unless the personnel are attuned to understand its importance. Dakshin, through regular training programmes, communicates its vision to its team and keeps up their spirits. They are taught to understand the needs of the customer and provide the most conducive, cost-effective, high-quality building solutions.

Further, there exists a work culture and environment that encourages excellence and teamwork. Little wonder then, the organization enjoys the highest rate of retention of talents that contribute to the overall progress of the organization. Not a small achievement, given the market scenario where long-term loyalties are almost extinct.